30 March 2012
Iss Institute
Level 1
189 Faraday Street

To Whom it may concern,

I would like to express my support for Gary Lancaster to obtain an international fellowship in the trade of PAINTING AND DECORATING, specifically DECORATIVE PAINT FINISHES.

I am a Lecturer for TAFESA in the trade and Have been involved teaching in this subject to apprentices for many years.

Changes that have been made to our training packages which stipulate what is taught to apprentices and cut backs in government funding restrict lecturers to what can be done in our environment teaching decorative finishes.

Many of the lecturers including myself who have the ability to teach these skills have retired or are close to retirement.

I have known Gary Lancaster for 25 years.

Gary has always had a great passion and love of Decorative Paint Finishes and has proven this in his business.

He always strives for quality and excellence and wants to continually improve.

Gary like myself knows you can always learn more.

Without People in Industry maintaining these skills they will be lost.

Gary is also passionate about TRAINING and passing these skills on to other TRADIES.

He has proven via his current business that there is a need for these skills and that if you strive for excellence he can teach other painting contractors the benefits of pursuing them in their careers.

I am 100% positive Gary will use the experience gained from this fellowship to benefit others by passing on his passion and new skills obtained.

Yours sincerely,

Steven Baliga

Painting and Decorating

Lancaster Painters Australia Testimony