Professional Contemporary Painting Decorating Services

Modern & Contemporary Painting Services

Contemporary Painting

Contemporary Painting Services

Metal & Rust finishes

Liquid metal

Stainless steel

Brushed copper

Rust & Silver

Stone & Concrete Finishes

Sydney stone & concrete

Blue stone & malachite

Textured & stone finishes

Italian & marble finishes

Faux (fake) Marble Finishes

Theatrical & portoro marble
Fleur de peche marble

Saracolin & Vert de Mer
Sienna & cherry marble

Marulan marble, jade marble
Louis XV grand antique

Vienna & Carerra marble
Black & white marble etc

Contemporary Wallpaper

Silk, foils & paper

Fabric & murals

Front runners

Borders & more

Furniture Finishes

Shabby chic & rustic

Metallic & chalk paint

Distressed & wax

Colour wash & patina

Contemporary Art

Wall, floor & furniture art
Encaustic painting

Glass art

Murals & trompe l’oeil
Painted sky ceilings

2-D & 3-D art
Plaster art

Glass Effects

Frosted & stained glass
Hand painted glass

Coloured glass
Glass effects

Reverse glass painting
Stencilled glass

Etched glass
Glass art

Extraordinary Finishes

Fleur De Peche & Craie
Glass effects & art

Konsta, Jorma & Ehud
2D & 3D art & murals

Chalcopyrite & Matti
Stencilled glass

Indomito & Untamo
Nyages d’or & Eli

Italian & French Finishes

Renaissance finish & stucco
Pietra spaccata & sgraffito
Egg tempera & instinto

Florentino & seagarto
Decorative finishes
Concrete & stone

Venetian plaster, marmarino
Damask & lazure painting
Limewash stencils

Italian & French art
Broken wall effects
Frescoes & murals

Hand Painted Precious Stones

Red & Blue Diamonds
Australian Black Opal
Blue Garnet & Ruby
Sapphire & Jadeite

Grandidierite & Ruby
Jeremejevite & Beryl
Musgravite & Pearls
Chrysolite & Opals

Chrysoprasus & Painite
Chalcedony & Gems
Sardonyx & Jacinth
Red Beryl (Bixbite)

Serendibite & Sardius
Diamonds & Crystal
Amethyst & Topaz
Emerald & Jasper

Hand Painted Animal Skin

Skins scales & fur

Leopord spots

Australian animals

Zebra stripes

The Art of Gilding

Mica gold & silver powders
Dutch & antique metal

Gold leaf & aged gold leaf
Silver & aluminium leaf

Water gilding, designs & art
Faux rust & faux verdigris

Oxidation & copper antique
Copper, bronze & brass

Other Finishes

Crackle finish & chalk finish

Wax encaustic painting

Timber & wood grain finish

Burnished wood finish

Painting and Decorating Services

Contemporary Painting Service