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As experienced heritage painters and decorators, we are pleased to offer you a superior quality professional residential and commercial heritage painting and decorating service. We are heritage listed in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Lancaster Painters Australia are a member of the National Trust of Australia and offer heritage consultation services with a high level customer service. Our vast range of interior and exterior heritage colour schemes and designs include heritage decorative finishes for every period.

Heritage Conservation-Restoration

Gary Lancaster Heritage Skills

Lancaster Painters Australia are passionate about the conservation, restoration, reconstruction and beautification of heritage buildings in including houses and Churches.

Conservation-restoration, also referred to as conservation, is a profession devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage for the future. Conservation activities include examination, documentation, treatment and preventative care.

The aim of Heritage Conservation is to ensure that the cultural significance of heritage places is retained for future generations to enjoy, but how do we achieve this? In 1979, Australia adopted a charter outlining the general principles and philosophy behind heritage conservation – The Burra Charter. This now forms the backbone of the management of historic places across Australia and indeed many other countries.

Lancaster Painters Australia conform to the Burra Charter. The Burra Charter identifies three levels of repair for heritage structures as:

  • Preservation – Maintaining a structure in its existing state and preventing further deterioration.

  • Restoration – Returning a structure to a known earlier state by the repair of existing fabric without the introduction of new materials.
  • Reconstruction – Returning a structure to a known earlier state by the introduction of new material into any remaining fabric.

Top Quality Heritage Painting and Paint Finishes

Traditional Heritage Painters – Painting & Finishes

The Botanic Museum Heritage Reconstruction

Lancaster Painters Australia follow the Burra Charter. We provide historical and traditional heritage painting methods that are reproduced using the same paint methods and materials employed after which painting methods began to dominate the industry. Our work is based on exhaustive and continuous research into methods, materials, techniques and styles. Each job is individually hand painted by skilled artisans without compromises in quality, historical accuracy or consistency. We work from original paint scrapings, using techniques such as spectroscopy, micro analysis or mechanical methods, and by understanding documentary evidence, We have successfully reproduced paint finishes, artwork and designs and accurately reproduced the style, character and look of the original period. See photos and information about our traditional heritage finishes.

Heritage House Painters

Heritage Painters Adelaide Sydney Melbourne

As a highly skilled heritage house painter, Gary Lancaster has the expertise to restore heritage homes to their former glory. He has a passion for authentic heritage finishes, decorative finishes and art. Our beautiful range of heritage decorative finishes include heritage wallpapers, gilding (gold leaf, silver leaf etc.), hand painted faux (fake) marble and wood grain, and so much more. Find more information about our heritage painting services.

About Heritage Painters Professional Painting Services

About Our Heritage Painters

As professional heritage painters, we ensure surfaces are thoroughly prepared before applying the coating systems. Cracks, from minor hair-line cracks up to major structural cracking are filled using the correct materials. For major cracks this may involve sand, lime and cement or even plastering. All surfaces are rubbed down and dusted off, and in some cases, may require washing down. Preparation is the most important aspect of a job, ensuring the quality of the final finish as well as adding years onto the paintwork before it will need painting again. Working to the Australian Industry Standards, we apply a minimum of a three coat paint system using only quality paint and materials. Technical and material safety data sheets are made available on request.

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We have over 46 years of experience.

Top quality workmanship every time.

Free quotes with no hidden costs!

Implement Work Health & Safety.

Follow Australian Industry Standards.

We are fully licensed and insured.

All our painters are fully qualified.

We provide customer references.

Our painters are honest and reliable.

Super premium paint & materials.

We give great customer service!

Have National Police Clearance.

Lancaster Painters Australia top priority is customer service. We value our customers and provide them with a written quotation, detailing the process of works to ensure the highest quality of workmanship is achieved for their job. Communication between ourselves and our customers is of utmost importance! We listen to our customers and communicate with them on a regular basis. We understand how important the finished paintwork is for commercial customers to have the impact to impress their clientele in professionalism and design.

Offering a timely and reliable painting and decorating service for all commercial properties, we aim to turn up either early or on time. Should unforeseen circumstances arise that are out of our control, we contact our customers immediately to explain and give an indication of when we expect to arrive. We aim to begin and finish every job on time and to take the job from start to finish without interruption. We treat our customers and their property with respect, and clean and tidy the work area on a regular basis. We implement the latest National WHS (Work, Health and Safety) policies, ensuring safety is achieved for every job.

Lancaster Painters Australia strive to:

  • provide a high standard of painting and decorating work using only super premium quality paint and materials.
  • focus on our customers – ensuring that we understand the current and future needs of our customers.
  • comply with both customer and regulatory requirements.
  • provide a high level of customer service.
  • meet our customers’ expectations.

We implement the latest National WHS (Work, Health and Safety) policies and aim for total customer care and satisfaction.

Heritage Painters Testimonial

Church of the Sacred Heart

Gary Lancaster – Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd

Recently Lancaster Painters Australia repainted Sacred Heart Church in Semaphore, South Australia.

They were among a list of painters recommended to us by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council as suitable for the type of heritage restoration we were seeking in a painting firm. We eventually engaged Gary Lancaster and his team as we felt they had the best understanding of what we were seeking, and because we found Gary an easy person to work with. We valued his willingness to cooperate and consult. We were also advised that he had the expertise to restore some wording that was special to many of the congregation, but had been painted out in a previous painting.

We were very pleased with our choice. Gary and his team did an excellent job, and were committed to doing their very best.

Right from the start they cooperated well with us. We had a requirement that the church be available for worship on Sundays. Amid scaffold and shifted pews the church was always cleaned, and arranged in a way that made Sunday worship possible (and gave the congregation a sense of being part of the renewal process of the building – many spoke of enjoying the experience even though a bit inconvenienced).

We had an idea of the colours we wanted, and we were able to share this with Gary. He then came up with a creative range of possibilities, painted some of these on the walls as samples, and we engaged the congregation in selecting the schemes they preferred. This was a good process, and gave a much better sense of ownership (and pride in it) to the whole congregation. Gary was willing to experiment, and where the colours spoke, to choose them. He also gave insightful suggestions as to ways to improve the appearance of the work. His input into what could be achieved was crucial to the outcome.

A lot of consideration went into the choice (and hand painting) of the frieze around the church. Gary first painted a sample, which people considered. Then gave us a book of samples to explore, from which we chose three, and asked for congregational feedback. Finally we settled on two. Gary procured the stencils for these, put samples of each on the wall, and again we chose the one that now graces the wall. It took a specialist painter a week to do, and all now feel they had a part in its selection.

All through the painting we enjoyed the presence of Gary and his team with us. They were friendly, always had time for the many parishioners who poked a head in to view the progress of the work, and showed respect for the church in which they were painting.

Since the completion of the painting we have had a constant stream of praise for the work. It has transformed the look of the church. Previously it was painted a drab cement colour. It now has a much more pleasant, warmer feel to it, and many of its features have been enhanced by the colours they have been painted.

We are pleased that we engaged Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd to enhance our church. They have done a great job.

Father Brian Angus
Parish Priest
Lefevre Catholic Community
Semaphore, South Australia

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