Willowbrook Mansion

Willowbrook Heritage Mansion

In 2015, Lancaster Painters Australia performed interior and exterior heritage reconstruction work to original surfaces of Willowbrook mansion, the stables, workshop, store (previously the servants’ quarters), back gate, front gate and front fence. We also performed painting work to the new entertainment area and other items on the property including the garden bench. All work was performed professionally and meticulously to the Australian Industry Standards.

Frimley Stables, Store, & Back Gates Heritage Repaint

Exterior heritage work included colour matching, thorough preparation and repainting of the surfaces, and replacing glass in the windows. We thoroughly cleaned the stonework on the walls by water blasting. The rooves, gutters, fascias, window frames, doors, door frames and air vent at top of the stables were repainted to match the existing heritage colour scheme.

Willow Brook External Heritage Repaint

Lancaster Painters Australia repainted the timber walls, brick wall, timber doors, door frames, window frames, beams, downpipe, posts, latticework, decking, plymph and the staircase of the new entertainment area at the back of Willow Brook mansion.

Interior heritage work included repolishing the front door. Gary Lancaster hand painted wood grain finishes to the timber around the internal fan light and two sidelights, ensuring the matching of the original wood grain of the timber in colour, texture and design. The finishes included medium oak and burl walnut wood grain. All surfaces were thoroughly prepared prior to commencement of works.

Wood Graining In Willow Brook Mansion Entrance

Gary Lancaster also performed sensitive artistic restoration work to two original pieces of historic artwork. This involved sensitive cleaning of the works and artistically restoring the worn and damaged areas of the original artwork using artists paints. He coated the works of art using traditional heritage coatings to preserve the pieces. Non-reflective glass was installed in the frame of one of the pieces for added protection. To see more, click here.

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