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Specialty Finishes- Koi 3D Floor Painting

Specialised Painting & Effects

All our designer finishes on this site are all specialised paint finishes. This section highlights unique specialty finishes that can be tailored to specific needs of our commercial and residential customers. Many of our finishes can be applied to almost any surface! We provide beautiful finishes for bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, shops, hotels and more. They include Porters Paints finishes, hand painted signage, tile, floor, blind, broom and corkboard painting, hand painted mosaics, gilding, aged patina and micaceous finishes, glass painting, painted sky ceilings, decorative air vents, 3-D art and more. In the photo above, Gary Lancaster hand painted 3-D Koi fish in a pond on a floor. In the photo below, he hand painted a beautiful colourful design on glass.

Special Glass Effects

Special Glass Effects - Hand painted Etched Coloured Glass

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