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Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd have more than forty years of experience in producing traditional and modern heritage finishes. We are committed to the conservation, restoration, reconstruction, rendition and beautification of heritage buildings including houses, churches and synagogues. We are heritage listed for Federal, State and Local heritage. Our heritage listings include South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Following the Burra Charter for heritage conservation, reconstruction and repaint work, Lancaster Painters Australia offer high quality hand painted authentic traditional and modern heritage finishes. We are highly skilled in replicating the decorative finish work of the historical masters of the past in colour, texture and design. Each job is individually hand-painted by skilled artisans.

Heritage Decorative Finishes

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Our finishes include Decorative Arts finishes, Victorian, Federation, Georgian, Edwardian, Queen Anne, Art Deco, Gothic and Pugin designs, Artistic finishes, Modern Heritage finishes and so much more.

Decorative finishes include faux (fake) marbling and wood graining, marquetry, heraldry, decorative ceiling roses and cornices, hand painted wallpaper, signage, stencils, copper antiquing, gilding, water gilding, motifs and designs, furniture finishes, and more.

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