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Looking for the best heritage painter Adelaide? Then look no further. With over 40 years of experience, master heritage painter Gary Lancaster is at the top of the trade in heritage skills for all residential and commercial heritage conservation and restoration work. Taught by English and Scottish masters with their City & Guilds, Gary has learnt from the best! One of them, English heritage master Ronnie Webster, performed heritage decorative finish work in Buckingham Palace for Prince Philip before migrating to Australia. Gary ensures all his work is completed to a very high standard in compliance with the Burra Charter without compromising quality, historical accuracy or consistency. He is listed for heritage in South Australia including the state heritage list. From lead stripping, paint scrapings, repaint work using historical paints, materials and colour schemes, to beautiful decorative finishes, Gary can take any heritage job from start to finish. See his interview with “The Advertiser” on Adelaide Now. It features photos and live footage of Gary’s work.

Adelaide Heritage Projects

Heritage Projects Adelaide SA

As a local heritage painter Adelaide, Gary has performed traditional and historical heritage work in Adelaide and in regional areas of South Australia. To see some of the commercial and residential heritage projects he has worked on, please click the buttons below.

Heritage Services Adelaide

Professional Heritage Services Adelaide

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  • Sensitive heritage conservation
  • Accurate heritage restoration
  • Heritage reconstruction
  • Heritage beautification

  • Milk, chalk, encaustic paint, gesso
  • Oil-based & mineral silicate paints
  • Tallow limewash, soft distemper
  • Egg tempera and more…

  • Traditional heritage finishes
  • Decorative & faux finishes
  • Historical colour schemes
  • Design, colour and decor

  • Safe asbestos testing & analysis
  • Paint scrapings & analysis
  • Lead testing & analysis
  • Moisture testing

  • Lead consultation service
  • Laboratory lead testing
  • Safe paint stripping
  • Lead paint removal

  • Paint scrapings and colour analysis
  • Accurate heritage colour matching

  • Heritage commercial painting
  • Heritage residential painting
  • Painting heritage churches
  • Expert painting & repaint
  • Brush and roller painting
  • Colour matching & strié
  • Scumbling & glazing
  • Repairs to surfaces
  • Filling & plastering
  • Eco paint systems
  • Traditional paints
  • Venetian plaster
  • Graffiti removal

  • Faux marbling and wood graining
  • Washes, limewash & colour wash
  • Gilding (incl. gold and silver leaf)
  • Motifs, designs and heraldry
  • Stencilling and sign writing
  • Verre eglomise and strié
  • Decorative ceiling roses
  • Decorative Wallpapers
  • Chinoiserie decoration
  • Stone blocking, fresco
  • Fine furniture finishes
  • Scumbling & glazing
  • Ragging & sponging
  • Art and trompe l’oeil
  • Decorative cornices
  • Faux (fake) finishes
  • Venetian plaster
  • Wallpapering
  • and more…

  • Mica gold, silver, aluminium powders
  • Gold leaf, aged gold leaf, aged patina
  • Copper, bronze & brass powders
  • Dutch metal & antique metal
  • Copper, bronze & brass leaf
  • Water gilding, designs & art
  • Oxidation & copper antique
  • Faux rust & faux verdigris
  • Silver & aluminium leaf

  • French wash & colour wash
  • Distemper & soft distemper
  • Lime & tallow lime wash
  • European washes

  • Victorian, Edwardian, Federation
  • Georgian, Queen Anne, Gothic
  • Arts & Crafts, Renaissance
  • Art Deco and more…

  • Hand painted signage, ghost signage
  • Sign conservation & restoration
  • Gothic lettering & heraldry

  • Sensitive art cleaning and repair
  • Heritage designs & heraldry
  • Heritage 2D and 3D art
  • Glass art and leadlight
  • Trompe l’oeil & murals
  • Graphic paint services
  • Art Deco and Rococo
  • Gothic art & frescoes
  • Cartouches & motifs
  • Painted sky ceilings
  • Fine art & portraits
  • Renaissance art
  • Pugin designs
  • Decorative art
  • Art Nouveau
  • Landscapes
  • Chinoiserie
  • Signwriting
  • and more..

  • Leadlight and stained glass
  • Stencilled & etched glass
  • Coloured & frosted glass
  • Sensitive glass cleaning
  • Reverse glass painting

  • Sensitive wallpaper restoration
  • Traditional heritage wallpapers
  • Scenic French wallpaper
  • Hand painted wallpaper
  • Friezes, murals, vinyls
  • Decorative wallpapers
  • Lincrusta & Anaglypta
  • Flocks, fabrics, paper
  • Wallpaper borders
  • Wallpaper repairs
  • Silk, foils, murals
  • Front runners
  • and more…

Professional furniture finishes boast 17th Century Bosiere, marquetry, armoires, marouflage, distressing, antiquing, scumbling, French polishing, staining, wood graining, gilding, Chinoiserie, motifs and more. Our craftsmanship extends to include art, motifs and designs hand painted on almost any surface such as metal, timber, stone, cork, glass and holland blinds. Some of these finishes may be applied to floors.

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  • Timber, metal and rust finishes
  • Marquetry and faux verdigris
  • Professional gilding service
  • Furniture art & Chinoiserie
  • French polishing and wax
  • Staining and varnishing
  • Gold leaf and silver leaf
  • Distressing & polishing
  • Motifs, designs & art
  • Furniture restoration
  • Burnishing & patina
  • Faux wood graining
  • and more…

  • Heritage Conservation
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Heritage Reconstruction
  • Heritage Beautification

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Heritage Decorative Finishes

Traditional Heritage Decorative Finishes

Gary Lancaster is a master of applying the heritage decorative finishes and art of yesteryear in his own right. Using the techniques of the old masters, all his finishes are meticulously applied by hand. See below for some of the heritage decorative services that we offer.

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Faux Marbling

Marbleising, faux marbling, fake marble – meticulously hand painted by Gary Lancaster.


We offer heritage stencils, hand applied stencilling and repairs to damaged stencil effects.


The art of gilding includes fine gold leaf, silver leaf, aluminium leaf, bronze, powders and more.

Heritage Signs

Lancaster Painters Australia offer hand painted historical signs and heritage signwriting.

Wood Graining

Hand painted graining or wood grain that imitates expensive, exotic or extinct wood varieties.

Colour Wash

French wash, lime wash, tallow lime wash and more are meticulously applied by hand.

Stone & Brick

We paint faux or fake stone or brick imitates the appearance of real stone or brick.

Motifs & Designs

Beautiful hand painted traditional heritage & decorative patterns, motifs, designs.


Heritage wallpaper, professional wallpaper hanging, installation and sensitive repairs.


Heritage leadlight and repairs, stained glass, coloured glass and other glass effects.

Ceiling Roses

Heritage ceiling rose repairs, painting & decoration, heritage colours, gold & silver leaf.

Various Finishes

Venetian plaster, strié, scumbling, glazing, ragging, sponging, fresco and more.

3D Trompe L’Oeil

Trompe l’oeil is a very realistic painting technique to create 3-D architectural details.


Gary Lancaster paints heritage Chinoiserie – a French term, signifying “Chinese-esque”.

Heritage Art

Sensitive art cleaning & repair. Hand painted heritage art, heraldry, Pugin & Gothic art.

Decorative Gallery

Heritage decorative finishes gallery showcases many of our hand applied heritage finishes.

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For more information about professional heritage painter Adelaide Gary Lancaster and the services he provides, please see below.

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